Prayer is such a powerful force in life. By providing prayer request to our church and staff, you will be helping others pray to God with expectant hearts, believing He will move in great and powerful ways!

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Dear Team Please plead the Blood of Jesus over myself, son, this property, the entrance ways, our beds, and rooms. Please pray for the angelic forces from heaven to surround this house, our rooms our property to keep home invasions out, property invasions out. The people in this street are heavily into witchcraft and at night they come on to this land and carry out their chants and carry out their witchcraft against me. Please pray for the witchcraft coming against me to be bound and rendered useless. We are absolutely protected. Please pray for my health which has been heavily impacted by the stress and mold. I have very high blood pressure and my feet are the size of small pumpkins. I am not able to wear shoes as my feet are too swollen. Please pray for me to able access the medical care I need to find out what is wrong 3 doctors left the practice at the end of last year. Dean has a couple of serious health signs that need further investigation, please pray what tests need to be done are done, in a timely fashion and that the results come back negative and that there is a way forward. Pray for him to be healed. Thank you very much for your prayer. God bless Marie Grace