Joining our church

When you join our church, you can do so in several different ways.

  • Profession of Faith: You can join by "profession of faith."  If you’ve never made a commitment to Christ and been baptized by immersion, then you’ll want to “profess your faith” and join by being baptized.

 You’ll want to join by “profession of faith” if you’ve: 

Never made your faith public and / or never been baptized by immersion.

  • Statement of Faith:  A statement of faith simply means you have already made a commitment to Christ, but in another denomination than Baptist and been baptized by immersion as a believer (not as a child).
  • Letter:  If you are a member of another Baptist church we will be happy to “move your letter.” This phrase is rooted in the tradition of mailing an actual letter to your old church requested your membership be moved to First Baptist.  If you join by "moving your letter," we'll send for the letter the next week and you’ll be taken off the membership roll of your old church and made a member here at First Baptist.
  • Watch-Care:  Watch-Care is a program for temporary residents in the area where they can come under the "watchcare" of our church while maintaining their home church membership.  Temporary workers and college students often find this is the method that suits them