Sunday Morning Adult Bible Study


You want a place to worship Jesus Christ authentically. You crave a community of people your age who live out their Christian faith. You want purpose and a vision to live your life by. The Adult Bible Fellowship ministry at First Baptist is designed to show you Jesus Christ and study how the Bible relates to you in a real and practical way.
Our God is a God of community, of people, of profession. While your faith is personal, it’s not private. Here at First Baptist, we’re committed to connecting you with other believers, with other husbands and wives, to grow with you. Refuse to settle for an isolated, lonely existence…
Come visit us this Sunday. We’re here, ready to worship with you, learn with you, and live with you. Join us for Adult Bible Fellowships that are friendly enough for anyone to attend, no matter your level of knowledge about the Bible, yet thought-provoking and relevant for your everyday life.

We also have:

  • Young Couples Bible study
  • College Bible Study
  • PrimeTime - Older Singles
  • Senior Adults (JOY Express, Senior Adult Choir)
  • Adult Choir
  • Missions Opportunities
Let us help you find your fellowship.